Friday, May 18, 2012


Saints fans, we have been dealt a serious blow this past year with regards to our team. Sean Payton is suspended for a year, the first time in NFL history that a coach has been suspended that long, and too make matters worse, a few of the Saints players and former Saints players have been suspended. Not that the latter affects us, but the point still remains the New Orleans Saints have had an offseason no team ever wants to experience. That is why it is important to have a leader, that will guide the team through the thick and thin, and in the most difficult situations, pull a team out of depths of defeat to the realm of victory.

Drew Brees is our leader for this team. Without him, the possiblity of winning the Super Bowl is grim. Why have the Saints and Brees not agreed on a final deal to keep him in the city of New Orleans is beyond me. If Brees wants $21 million a year for five years, give it to him. The fact of the matter is Drew Brees has earned his money and he's in the top five quarterbacks in the league with Brady, Manning, Rodgers, and whoever else that's good. The fact of the matter is Brees took a team that was so bad, their merchandise was available at the 99 cent store!!! So whatever Brees wants, give it to him. Now give me a big "WHODAT???!!!!!"